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Hospice Group of Texas

Hospice Group of Texas

This 18-bed facility opened in April of 2006. The building is efficiently laid out on a restricted, 2-acre site located adjacent to Hospice Group of Texas' current administrative office. Three patient wings surround beautifully landscaped courtyards and the existing offices.

Wood trimmed gables, brick and stone detailing, and numerous windows give the facility a striking, residential-like appearance that takes full advantage of it prominent corner site. It was designed with the idea of low maintenence in the long term - upkeep and costs will be kept at a minimum.

In addition to three family lounges, a central great room, and a commercial laundry, a highlight of this plan is the Village Row - a street-like corridor that takes you back in time to experience long-ago amenities such as a soda shop, general store, theater and schoolhouse. Through the use of varied, exterior-type materials in the corridors, colorful signage and furnishings, a typical corridor is transformed into a gathering place for patient families as well as staff. It is a place to find rest, relaxation and even entertainment, signifying how hospice cares for all who come through its doors.

249 Wayne Avenue, Dayton, Ohio 45402 • 937-224-7700 • 800-476-6777
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